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5 ways to identify your brand’s tone of voice and use it to drive sales

A business may think why a brand voice matters – well, it does, and a good branding agency can tell you that. It’s about being consonant with the voice you are creating – placing yourself as an easily identified and trustworthy source for your area of expertise. Similarly, a consistent brand voice and vocabulary are crucial to effectively implementing localized content and intelligent content policies.

A brand’s tone of voice is the style utilized to communicate with the audience, acknowledging the usage of words, brand personality, and emotional tone, which is demonstrated through every content, even SEO copywriting. This idea is to define a standard approach that the brand will have in all its communication. In this way, it can have a different style, which distinguishes it from other players.

Every brand has a personality connected to its market segment, its target audience, and its contents. Therefore, the tone of voice is section of the essential details outlined in a creative brief. Branding is an essential work for companies, and part of their services is to create, strengthen, and preserve the brand’s understanding among its public.

The tone of voice helps build a specific vision about the company, being part of a set of components that transmit that identification. This set combines colors, visual templates in advertising layouts, and other fundamental pillars. Ways to identify your brand’s tone include:

Reviewing Your Current Content and Messaging

If you already have content or copy you have written, it’s time to do a brief audit. Evaluate your marketing assets, which may include Website, Blog posts, Social media posts, Print collateral, Videos, In-store signage, TV spots, and radio ads. Then, note any common themes or coherence in messaging and tone. Does your contemporary voice fit your values and brand direction? If not, how can it be corrected? Pay particular care to your best-performing pieces, as they will tell you the most about what connects with your audience.

Audience Survey

If you have an audience already, build a simple poll asking how they see your brand. You can ask them how they would define our brand? If the company were a character, what would it sound like? Do they find your tone suitable? You can create a poll easily using various platforms available online. Then, use social media to share the survey with your followers or communicate it to your email list.

Research Your Audience

A simple activity to better understand your target audience is to grab a small sample of your prevailing best customers and research them. You can connect with an online branding agency like BeeBug is based in Chicago, Illinois, for more information. Write a list of the words that come to mind as you review each of these customers. Once you have done this process for every person in this sample, evaluate each list for commonalities.

Design a brand voice chart

With your brand’s voice explained, demonstrate how it turns up more concretely in your content with a brand voice chart. It will be an indispensable reference tool to ensure that your content (text and visuals) consistently practices the same voice.

Include three columns for each of the primary characteristics accompanied by three rows– brief description, do’s, and don’ts. If necessary, add a row for secondary components that need a little extra explanation.

Making sure the content team is on the same page

You have defined your voice and tone and displayed it in an easy-to-understand chart. How do you get everyone on board with applying it? Engage with the team – anyone who produces content or communications – and walk them through the chart. Go through some samples of content writing that hits the mark. Show in real-time how you would develop some existing content that isn’t reflective of the defined voice.

By keeping the above pointers, you can surely enhance your sales because the above are needed to streamline the entire process of setting a brand’s tone and helping you achieve more customers. You can connect with BeeBug, based in Chicago, Illinois, for more information.

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