YouTube marketing can be an overwhelming tool for brands. That’s why we at BeeBug have taken it upon ourselves to assist small businesses, accounting firms, real estate, e-commerce, education, professional services, startups, travel, all to increase followers, subscribers, channel reach. The YouTube channel is an extension of your brand. Hence, it should be considered such; we offer YouTube promotion, YouTube paid promotion, and YouTube SEO, specifically in Glenview, Illinois, and Schaumburg, Northbrook.

The fact that YouTube is such an immensely popular platform also means a lot of competition. According to Statista, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If a brand wants to be successful on YouTube, you must ensure that you have the time and resources to offer quality content consistently. In other words, you will need a good YouTube marketing plan; that is why we are here to provide YouTube Channel Management, YouTube advertising, and utilize YouTube ads.


YouTube is an attractive alternative for marketing purposes because it’s all about video – and video marketing is all the rage. Video has consistently proven itself one of the best-performing types of content in terms of engagement, and just because you are creating them for YouTube doesn’t mean that you cannot repurpose your videos. These videos would be advantageous for your other social profiles, email marketing campaigns, website and landing pages, and any other platforms or channels you might be utilizing.

    Now that you have a YouTube marketing plan and some video ideas to get started, you want to concentrate on managing your channel. Engagement is a big part of YouTube, so it’s essential to take the time to respond to any comments you get and drive engagement in other ways.

A good way to maintain your account is to use a tool to help automate the process. Our YouTube Channel Management services let you pre-moderate your comments, check and respond to comments from your dashboard’s social inbox, as well as monitor YouTube for mentions of your brand in videos and comments. Other useful management features include saved replies and a social CRM tool to help keep track of your subscribers and connections. For enhanced channel management, we keep track of comments and respond when necessary, collaborate with your team members, and discover useful keywords and tags for optimizing your videos. We also make it a monitoring point to find other mentions of your brand and recognize engagement opportunities, ask questions of your viewers in your videos, as well as in your video descriptions to encourage them to drop a comment, and use the “Community” tab (found in your channel’s main page) to post images, GIFs, and video shows, as well as to poll your subscribers.